Human Trafficking Resources

Resources concerning Sex/Human Trafficking

Report it if you suspect it: 888-373-7888 or call 911
(Do not try to apprehend on your own)

Churches Against Trafficking
Churches meeting regularly to find additional resources, training and update on sex/human trafficking. Join today or check out events page (click me).

How can you get involved?

Do you travel/stay in hotels then download TRAFFICKCAM. You take pictures of your room and they are kept on file and match against sights know to trafficked kids.



Ghost apps

San Diego County District Attorney’s Office

Trafficking resource Center

Million Kids

San Diego County District Attorney Website on Human Trafficking

Girls Only!, A Unique Program to Empower Girls

San Diego County Child Welfare Services

National Information on Human Trafficking

Information on Human Trafficking from the Federal Government

San Diego Community Resources (Find research articles, documentaries & community events)

San Diego Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition

North County Youth Empowerment Programs

San Diego Youth Services, Building Futures for At-Risk Youth

Cease Network: A Collaboration of Cities Committed to Reducing Sex-Buying

Community Health Centers

Center for Community Solutions

The Ugly Truth

Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition

Rescue Homes in San Diego County

Generate Hope, a Website for HT Survivors

Alabaster Jar Project, Empowering Survivors of Human Trafficking

Children of the Immaculate Heart

North County Lifeline

Salvation Army Door of Hope

Shining Stars